Trend Of Video Marketing Content For Social Media In 2019

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Video marketing is now firmly embedded into our marketing strategies, it is taking the content marketing to a whole new level. Creating indulging videos for product and service promotion is imperative for all businesses today. People are spending a considerable amount of time on social media platforms which are flooded with interactive videos by various businesses, marketing their products and services. Nowadays we start our day and end our day watching videos on social media platforms. These platforms set a perfect stage to reach out to your target audience and create a lasting impression. Here we shall look at the most common platforms for video marketing. The rise of video on these social media channels will continue to grow in 2019.

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1. Facebook

The giant among social media platforms, Facebook has about 2.27 billion users. Mind boggling number, isn't it? But here is another number that will leave you dazzled. For these 2.27 billion users around 4 billion videos are streamed daily! With some amazing features like embedded videos, view count among others, Facebook makes itself a great medium to reach out to your audience. Streaming your business video on Facebook is a must to have an unthinkable distribution. Be it a small brand, business or company, everyone is harnessing the reach of Facebook to market their offerings.

2. Snapchat

An extremely loved social media platform, video marketing is simply inevitable here. Every video posted on Snapchat has a life of 24 hours or even lesser, as decided by the user. This creates an urge for the user to see the video before it disappears. With a huge viewer base including a large teen fanbase, Snapchat provides a perfect spot to market your product.

Every day Snapchat enjoys more than 2 Billion views. Since Snapchat is a very personal and youth centric platform, any business video posted here can immensely connect with the audiences and grab their attention. Used daily by millions, you just cannot miss video marketing out here.

3. YouTube

The mother of all video platforms, YouTube is what got us hooked in the first place. Marketers have always trusted YouTube for their video marketing activities. The enormity of YouTube's video collection can be well understood by the fact that 300 hours' worth of video content is pushed to YouTube every minute. Moreover, since many users look up to YouTube for daily entertainment and viral videos, spending on YouTube videos to get more visibility will surely pay off and will be worth it. A good Film Production House is your best bet to create such videos for you.

4. Twitter

A platform used by all, research suggests using Twitter is extremely important for your business. Nielsen research has revealed that the Ad Recall for a business ad posted on Twitter is 194% and it increases your brand awareness by 50%. Making it more personal, Twitter also has an added feature of replying to a tweet by recording a video. You can now reply to a tweet using the camera option. Just select video, and start talking. This takes about 9 to 12 seconds, but the effect is enormous that can engage the fans.

While video marketing has seen a huge spike in recent times, there are some tips and tricks you need to follow in order to have a great online visibility. While using the strategy of video marketing for your business is the Best TV Streaming Device, make sure to map your target audience. Find out where your audience is and what type of content will be efficient. There are various types of video marketing content including presentations, live streams, product demos and reviews and so on. Go ahead and consult one of the leading Production Houses in Delhi to help you select the one that fits your business and offering. Design your content to have an interesting beginning, interactive middle part, and curious ending. The video content should be persuasive enough to make the viewer check-out your offering.

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Video marketing has left no one untouched, giving a whole new experience to users, the visual content being easy to comprehend and recall. By using quality images, interesting copy and an engaging script, you can surely leverage this trend to market your offering. Get connected with a dynamic Video Production Company in Delhi today and spread the word about your brand on these social media channels.

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