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Sohaib Nagaur can easily be categorised as a bit of a social butterfly and social media regular. 
After the police arrested the visa agent from Rajasthan for allegedly passing on Indian military secrets to Pakistan, officers found a slew of photographs he posted on Facebook, in which he shares the frame with top politicians, including Union ministers Manohar Parrikar and Harsh Vardhan and BJP MP Udit Raj. The authenticity of the pictures is yet to be established. 
The development comes days after the Centre expelled a Pakistani diplomat based in Delhi, who allegedly ran a spy ring that allegedly collected sensitive information about Indian security operations along the border. 
Photos of Sohaib Nagaur with Defence Ministers Manohar Parrikar (above) which he posted on social media. Mail Today could not independently verify the authenticity of the pictures, but police say Sohaib used them to impress his way into important places.
The arrests of Sohaib and Farhat, who was the former personal assistant of Samajwadi Party Rajya Sabha MP Munabbar Saleem, has raised concerns as both were close to the power corridors.
Cops have found that they used their perceived political clout to get access to important places and sensitive documents. 
Saleem sacked Farhat who was held for supplying secret papers to Pakistan high commission official Mehmood Akhtar. 
Akhtar has since returned to his home country after India declared him persona non grata. 
Apart from posting pictures with BJP leaders, Sohaib claimed to be an active member of the party's minority wing in Rajasthan. The BJP, which is in power in the state, has rejected his assertion

Sources say Sohaib had years of experience in procuring Pakistani visas for people in Rajasthan, due to which he came in touch with ISI sleuths at the Pakistan embassy in Delhi and eventually turned to espionage. 
Apart from posting pictures with BJP leaders, he claimed to be an active member of the party's minority wing in Rajasthan. 
Delhi Police's crime branch extracted the photographs and is also trying to verify their authenticity apart from trying to probe his links with people in power at the Centre and Rajasthan. 
"It cannot be denied that Sohaib might have used his connections to get access inside important locations. We have got several pictures where he is spotted with senior leaders. We are trying to verify when and where he met them," a senior officer told Mail Today.
Farhat's name cropped up during the questioning of Akhtar who was detained on October 27. 
Picture of Sohaib with Harsh Vardhan
A senior officer said Farhat too was well connected and is believed to have been giving "important documents" related to external affairs, defence and shipping ministries for almost two and half years to Akhtar.
"He used to charge Rs 2 lakh for the job. He has provided annual reports of several ministries in advance before they became public," the officer said. 
Farhat allegedly came in contact with the ISI in 1998, through a Pakistan high commission official who was given the code name 'NK'.
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NK allegedly 'trained' him and asked him to provide annual reports of the science and technology, water resources and civil aviation ministries.
NK died in 2000, but before that Farhat was handed over to a certain "Rana Sagheer", who later introduced him to "IP Shamshed". 
He was given specific amounts of money per meeting for handing over documents. 
Saleem said Farhat was appointed his PA after due verification by three different agencies including the Delhi Police. 
"When Farhat approached me a year ago, I had sent communications to Parliament and the government for verification. I would like to say that the police and other agencies which gave him a clean chit should be held accountable," said Saleem.

  Samajwadi Party MP's personal assistant held for espionage
One more suspected Pakistani spy was arrested on Saturday by the Delhi Police crime branch. 
Farhat, who is a personal assistant to Samajwadi Party's Rajya Sabha MP Munawwar Saleem, was arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan. 
The details of his involvement are not immediately known. Delhi Police had busted a spy ring involving officials of the Pakistan High Commission, in which Pakistani diplomat Mehmood Akhtar was arrested. 
Rajya Sabha SP MP Munawwar Saleem for whom Farhat worked
Akhtar confessed that there was a spy ring being run in India to obtain defence secrets. Meanwhile, the third accused - Shoaib Hassan - who was arrested for spying for Pakistan High Commission staffer Akhtar, was sent to 11-day police custody by a Delhi court. 
Police are questioning Hassan to extract further details about the espionage ring. 
On Thursday, Delhi Police achieved a major breakthrough after a strenuous vigil for over six months when it nabbed three people for passing sensitive and secret information about the security establishment of the country. 
It emerged during questioning that police had actually nabbed a Pakistan High Commission official, who identified himself as Mehmood Akhtar. 
Further inquiry established his identity. Akhtar was held along with two Indians identified as Maulana Ramzan and Subhash Jangir. 
The three were arrested from Delhi zoo, where they had arranged a secret meeting. 
The police claims that Akhtar admitted to have been working for the ISI and his posting with the Pakistan High Commission was part of his job. 
Akhtar allegedly told the police that at least 14 officials in the High Commission were working as agents. 
Police claims to have got all the names from Akhtar. 
Akhtar, in his confession, allegedly spoke of securing secret files about deployment of Indian Armed Forces and paramilitary forces in border areas. 
He also revealed that women were involved in the espionage ring. Police suspect the women were used as honey traps to get information from the defence officials.
- India Today  

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