Safeguards When Operating The Glove Box

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Vacuum glove box is commonly applied in industries with higher prerequisites for fuel purification. Though the present-day glove box manufacturers box structure is far more sensible and easy to operate. Even so, the construction inside the glove box is complex, there are many critical elements, and the procedure is marginally inappropriate, which could cause reduction to your experimental success. This article introduces you how to accurately use the vacuum glove box, and the safeguards when novices run the glove box.

Just one. Operate ahead of operation:

1. Verify if there is nitrogen in the nitrogen bottle. The nitrogen must be replaced in time. The output force of nitrogen is set to .4mpa.

two. Check irrespective of whether the vacuum pump is turned on ordinarily.

three. Examine whether the circulation in the glove box is open up. (Purification column-I or purification column-II should really open up 1 of them)

four. Check the upper limit pressure in the setting ought to be +1, the lessen limit stress is

5. Check out no matter if oxygen and dew point are typical (oxygen is under .1ppm, dew level is over -forty)

6. The vacuum pump of the in excess of-bin need to be in the typically open up point out

two. Operation notes:

1. The vacuum pump must be kept on for the duration of technique operation.

two. When the oxygen concentration in the tank exceeds 200PPM, the products upkeep personnel really should be notified to work the method, if not the drinking water and oxygen purification procedure will be destroyed.

3. In advance of starting up the cycle, look at whether or not the cabinet is in situation or regenerating. As the higher than pointed out functions are in progress, it is totally forbidden to cycle.

4 .Two purification columns are unable to be regenerated at the very same time.

A. In advance of regeneration, ensure that the glove box has been cleaned with inert gasoline (H2O <200ppm) to ensure sufficient supply of regeneration gas. The regeneration gas pressure is 0.06-0.08mpa.

B. Before starting regeneration, please make sure that the corresponding purification column circulation is closed.

C. The regeneration process takes 24 hours. Once the execution cannot be disconnected, the regeneration gas should be passed 3-6 hours after the regeneration starts. Pay attention to the amount of regeneration gas, adjust the pressure of the regeneration gas appropriately, and ensure the sufficient supply of regeneration gas in these 3 hours. After 6 hours the regeneration origin can be turned off.

D. The vacuum pump cannot be turned off during the regeneration process. Do not touch the top of the purification column to prevent burns.

E. Once the regeneration is terminated unexpectedly, please ensure that the regeneration and circulation of the purification column cannot be restarted within 12 hours or the equipment will be damaged.

5. Care should be taken to protect the work gloves from being damaged during the operation.