India V England - The Action On Day One Of The Third Test In Kolkata As It Happened

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India v England - the action on day one of the third Test in Kolkata as it happened
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Published: 01:00 BST, 5 December 2012 | Updated: 11:23 BST, 5 December 2012

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  India v England - essentials

India: Sehwag, Gambhir, Pujara, Tendulkar, Kohli, Yuvraj, Dhoni (c/wk), Ashwin, Zaheer, Sharma, Ojha.

England: Cook (c), Compton, Trott, Pietersen, Bell, Patel, Prior (wk), Swann, Anderson, Finn, Panesar.

Umpires: HDPK Dharmasena (SRI) and RJ Tucker (AUS)

Match referee JJ Crowe (NZ)

India won the toss and elected to bat

3am: Good morning and welcome to Sportsmail's coverage on the  first day of the third Test between India and England from Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

What a difference four and a bit days make.

The doomsters had written-off the tourists' hopes after the first match in Ahmedabad, only to be forced to swallow humble curry after the 10 wicket victory in Mumbai.

Alastair Cook's side played the Indians at their own game - specifically bowling spin and playing spin better than their opponents.

It was a victory to savour.

Will Stuart Broad retain his place in the team after a wicketless series thus far?

What will become of Eden Gardens' 83-year-old groundsman Prabhir Mukherjee after being asked to step aside by the BCCI following a frank exchange of opinions with MS Dhoni over the type of pitch to be prepared for the next five days?

OK, Mukherjee is back in place.

I'm not so sure Broad will be when the teams are announced in a few moments.

One thing is certain, England have the opportunity to end what has been a ragged year on a momentous high if they maintain the momentum from Mumbai.

But history is against them.

Pakistan are the last team to beat India in Kolkata - and then by just 46 runs, in 1999.

India have since won five of seven Tests, including innings victories over South Africa and West Indies on their two most recent visits in each of the last two years.


All the action is on the way in a moment. Good news.

3.05: BREAKING NEWS - India win toss and elect to bat.

3.06: ENGLAND TEAM NEWS - Stuart Broad is dropped for Steven Finn and Ian Bell returns in place of Jonny Bairstow.

3.15: Broad's omission is no surprise. Finn was excellent in the ODIs last year and the vice-captain's form so far on this tour has been below his usual very high standards. Finn's extra pace can certainly give the hosts a big problem.

3.19: There was a collective meltdown yesterday after Shane Warne appeared to chuck his hat into the ring for next year's back-to-back Ashes series.

But Warne has now backed away from claims he wants to come out of retirement.

After waking to headlines this morning declaring he was willing to end his five-year exile from Test cricket and return if asked by skipper and best friend Michael Clarke, former leg-spinner Warne took to Twitter to explain his situation.

'Clarification guys & thankyou for the kind words, but...

I was asked "could" I play not "would" I play..yes, I could..didn't say I would!' Warne wrote.

'It was a hypothetical question re if Michael Clarke asked me... Read my quotes 'I'm not asking Michael to ask me' Hope I didn't disappoint !"

'Sorry @MClarke23 if you woke up to calls! See you soon buddy...'

Booo, etc.

3.25: Players are on their way out, cricket is imminent. Super.
Grounds for concern: Eden Gardens has been at the centre of recent controversy

1st over: India 1-0 (Gambhir 1, Sehwag 0)

Early morning mist engulfing the ground as the match begins at 9am local time.

James Anderson begins the attack for England on a track which looks bone dry and full of cracks. Any suggestion this pitch has bounce or will favour seamers (yes, I'm talking to you MS Dhoni) is a complete nonsense. There's a hint of some swing, mind.

2nd over: India 10-0 (Gambhir 9, Sehwag 0)

General consensus is the omission of Broad freshens up the attack for England and gives the vice-captain a break and time to compose his thoughts after what has been a tricky first two Tests.

His replacement starts with two real looseners, straying down leg with his first and edged past the slips with his second. Both race to the boundary. There follows a huge shout for caught behind, but the sound heard is the bat hitting pad, not ball on bat.

3rd over: India 14-0 (Gambhir 14, Sehwag 0)

Still some movement in there to keep Jimmy interested, but the early signs are this will be a long day for England, particularly after this ball loses its shine and the morning mist is burned off by the sun. Tidy shot from Gambhir as he leans forward and pushes square for four.


4th over: India 18-0 (Gambhir 14, Sehwag 4)

Two slips, but no gully for Sehwag who moves off the mark with a confident punch wide of Pietersen at point to the boundary for four.

I could be wrong, but I'd have the spinners on some time around the drinks break. If not sooner.

5th over: India 18-0 (Gambhir 14, Sehwag 4)

'Pace and bounce', said the much-maligned groundsman Prabir Mukherjee of this Kolkata track.

Pace and bloody bounce? Not a chance. Anderson's fourth delivery of the over bounces no more than two inches and hobbles through to Matt Prior behind the stumps. Maiden.

6th over: India 21-0 (Gambhir 14, Sehwag 7)

Sehwag dabs through the covers and Samit Patel goes trundling after it, there's another single in there, too.

Monty must be looking at this and be contemplating a 35 over day today.

Leading the way: Sehwag has made a decent start in India's first innings

7th over: India 28-0 (Gambhir 14, Sehwag 14)

Anderson's plan is clearly to try and tempt Sehwag into a drive outside off stump.

The opener duly obliges with a risky drive which bounces wide of Pietersen at gully and races for four. Monty 's limbering up, looks like he's ready to come on.

8th over: India 33-0 (Gambhir 18, Sehwag 15)

We're 30 minutes into the Test and already England have opted for Spin. India's nemesis from the second match, Monty Panesar, is into the fray.

Monty dips one in short, Gambhir rocks back on his heels and punches through cover for four.

9th over: India 38-0 (Gambhir 18, Sehwag 20)

No gully in for Sehwag who duly drives wildly at one and sends the ball flying through that area.

Annoyingly, Cook then puts a man in that position. Chasing the ball and all that, a real bug bear of mine. Decent shout for lbw in there, but it seemed to the naked (and DRS-less) eye that it was sliding down leg.

10th over: India 45-0 (Gambhir 24, Sehwag 21)


Gambhir takes a trot down the track and punches Panesar back over his head and to the long-off boundary for four runs. India moving along nicely here.

WICKET! Virender Sehwag run out (Finn) 23

Shocking running between the wickets hands England a real gimme.

Gambhir to blame, turning his back on Sehwag as Patel chased the ball down in the deep, Finn threw in and the opener was well short of his ground.

11th over: India 49-1 (Gambhir 24, Pujara 2)

What a bonus for England, India were cruising up until that point.

Still. Pujara is in now. He's been good for a few runs so far in this series, hasn't he.

12th over: India 49-1 (Gambhir 24, Pujara 2)

Panesar far rips through his over to Gambhir. No runs added - the second maiden of the day for England. Chance here for the tourists to apply some pressure.

13th over: India 54-1 (Gambhir 28, Pujara 3)

Nasser's chuntering away in the Sky comms studio in west London. 'There are 14million residents in Kolkata and only a handful in this ground today.

Why don't they just let a few in?' Not sure regular fee tickets is the way to encourage the locals to shell out for a ticket. But what do I know? Credit to Jimmy who's still plugging away, Gambhir seizes on a wide length ball and drives hard through gully for four.

Run out: Finn's excellent throw helped England to make the breakthrough

14th over: India 54-1 (Gambhir 28, Pujara 3)

'Brilliant Panny, brilliant Panny', is the constant shrill from Prior behind the stumps.

Pujara looks happy to dab the spinner away. Not quite the forward press style Duncan Fletcher adores so. And now it is time for drinks. Slurp.

15th over: India 54-1 (Gambhir 28, Pujara 3)

Paul Collingwood has taken to Twitter to reveal his umbrage at Cook's continuing failure at the toss: 'When does Alaister Cook start calling tails?!

#IndvdEng #road'. I think the England captain will be more distressed at how Colly spells his first name, but that's another issue. Steven Finn is in to replace James Anderson and begins with a maiden.

16th over: India 54-1 (Gambhir 28, Pujara 3)

Another maiden as Panny continues his spell.

England building up some pressure here. The saying goes that three consecutive maidens brings a wicket. Complete nonsense, of course, but I'm one of life's dreamers.

17th over: India 58-1 (Gambhir 32, Pujara 3)


Gambhir shakes his wrists at Finn's delivery which went angling across his body. A risky option as the ball was airborne through the fifth slip area. Credit the batsman there for showing ambition, but England will be pleased all the India batsmen are nibbling at the outside off-stump carrot being dangled.

18th over: India 62-1 (Gambhir 32, Pujara 7)

Excellent over.

For lots of reasons. Pujara dazzles  witha full-blooded punch back through mid-on/midwicket. Great footwork sets up the drive which races for four. But Monty strikes back - getting one to rip off the track and finds some extra bounce, too. Good stuff.

19th over: India 64-1 (Gambhir 33, Pujara 8)

Just a couple of singles in there.

Have I mentioned this is a dead cert to be a day of hard graft for England? If not, I will mention it again later. I promise.

20th over: India 70-1 (Gambhir 33, Pujara 14)


Monty asks the question, but umpire Dharmasena shakes his head. Looked faster that delivery. Maybe his arm ball? Looked to be heading the way of the leg. No dice. There follows a mighty impressive on drive from Pujara which races to the fence for four.  

21st over: India 70-1 (Gambhir 33, Pujara 14)


Monty asks the question, but umpire Dharmasena shakes his head. Looked faster that delivery. Maybe his arm ball? Looked to be heading the way of the leg. No dice. There follows a mighty impressive on drive from Pujara which races to the fence for four. 

Grace and style: Gambhir has been in fine nick in the opening session

22nd over: India 80-1 (Gambhir 42, Pujara 15)


Gambhir's seeing it like  a beachball now, his dance down the track and crash through point for four would suggest he's enjoying himself out there at now after the earlier run out debacle. Unlike the bowlers, of course...

23rd over: India 81-1 (Gambhir 43, Pujara 15)

Bowling change: Swanny is ushered into action and begins well.

A slip and short leg in place and the ball is worked past the man close in for the only single of the over.

24th over: India 84-1 (Gambhir 45, Pujara 16)

Twenty minutes until the break for lunch and England are hoping they can take another wicket or two before then. They have put in a great deal of hard work on a flat-as-a-pancake pitch without much return. This looks like an excellent toss for the hosts to have won. Three singles from the over and we move on.

25th over: India 88-1 (Gambhir 49, Pujara 16)


Gambhir nudges down fine leg and the ball fair zips to the fence for four more. Fine shot. England need something here.

WICKET! Cheteshwar Pujara b Panesar 16

Bowled him!

Done on length, Pujara steps back and is gated through a tentative push. Huge wicket for England and it's that man again.
In the wickets: Monty made the key breakthrough of India's Pujara late in the first session

26th over: India 88-2 (Gambhir 49, Tendulkar 0)

Ovation for Tendulkar as he comes ambling out.

The home fans go wild for Sachin, but forget that, Panesar's done the damage again and his whistling/dance celebration was something to behold. Wicket maiden.

27th over: India 90-2 (Gambhir 50, Tendulkar 1)


Huge appeal from the massed England ranks, as Prior takes a catch which ricocheted off Bell's shin. The umpires send it upstairs, but the replays show the ball bounced half a yard shy of Bell's leg before hitting him. Slightly embarrassed, we move on as Gambhir reaches his half century and Tendulkar moves off the mark via a respective singles.

28th over: India 90-2 (Gambhir 50, Tendulkar 1)

We're five minutes shy of the lunch break, but I've already eaten the sandwiches my wife lovingly made for me before I came to work.

Sometimes I wonder if there is any justice in the world. In more important matters, Monty has just bowled another maiden.

29th over: India 90-2 (Gambhir 50, Tendulkar 1)

Bowling change: Jimmy Anderson is back in for an over before lunch.

Looks like we might get the full 30 in before the break, too. Bumble will be pleased. Maiden.


Sportsmail's Lawrence Booth in Kolkata writes: 'Momentum is an over-rated notion in modern sport, but you sensed that England's best chance of harnessing whatever remained from their win in Mumbai was to make first use of what looks like a flat Eden Gardens track.

If they are to win this series, they must do it the hard way: Alastair Cook has now lost three tosses out of three.

'And yet, at lunch on the first day, they are hanging on in there, having been gifted one wicket by the mindless running of Virender Sehwag and burgled another when Cheteshwar Pujara got into a muddle against Monty Panesar's arm-ball.

'Given that India have passed 600 in each of their last three first innings in Kolkata, Cook would presumably have taken a scoreline of 90 for 2.

But, well, losing the toss wasn't a great start.

'Still, there were two bonuses for England. Steven Finn's second spell of 4-1-10-0 looked much sharper than his first (3-0-16-0), while Pujara's first first-innings failure of the series has given the bowlers an unexpected route in to a struggling middle order.

But England could do with three more wickets by tea.'

30th over: India 90-2 (Gambhir 50, Tendulkar 1)

Here we go then, Monty to his *bunny Tendulkar.
England know they must remain patient in this middle passage. They'll have no help from the pitch, but India's middle order are ripe for the taking. *joke. Maiden.

31st over: India 90-2 (Gambhir 50, Tendulkar 1)

Jimmy's back following the break and he continues round the wicket to the left-hand bat Gambhir.

Another maiden as Gambhir shoulder arms the life out of the over.

Little master: Tendulkar has made a tentative start to his first innings

32nd over: India 92-2 (Gambhir 51, Tendulkar 2)

If you'd like to share any thoughts on the day's play thus far, you can get in touch via the Twitter and email options above.

Ta very much. A couple of singles from Monty's over. Again, nothing coming from the pitch to embolden the England bowler's spirits.

33rd over: India 96-2 (Gambhir 55, Tendulkar 2)


Oh, the beauty of it. Anderson's full length delivery is swatted away nonchalantly through cover point by Gambhir. A  rip-snorter which arrives at the boundary in the blink of an eye.

34th over: India 100-2 (Gambhir 55, Tendulkar 6)

Century up for India - and the cheers are even more raucous as the hosts pass the landmark as the runs come via an edge past the slips from the Little Master.

35th over: India 100-2 (Gambhir 55, Tendulkar 6)

Anderson changes to over the wicket to Gambhir. No dice, another maiden.

36th over: India 100-2 (Gambhir 55, Tendulkar 6)

This is better from England, crowding a few men round the bat, ramping the pressure up on Tendulkar.

There's a man at short leg, silly point and a leg slip in. Nothing biting, though. Maiden.

37th over: India 102-2 (Gambhir 56, Tendulkar 7)

Changes all round: Steven Finn  comes in to replaces Anderson and Sachin Tendulkar has asked for a change of bat.

Nasser's convinced that's the sign of a man out of nick: 'If you're lacking form, the first thing you do is blame your kit'.  Finn bumps a couple up into Tendulkar's ribs, but the wise old sage is good to the challenge.

38th over: India 103-2 (Gambhir 56, Tendulkar 8)

Tendulkar pushes a single to mid on and, erm, that's a bout it.


39th over: India 108-2 (Gambhir 60, Tendulkar 9)

The India pair have been very watchful in these early exchanges, in fact, barely a stroke has been played.

But that's a fine dab from Gambhir, who allows the ball to come onto his bat and guides the ball square for four runs.
Full Monty: Panesar has taken two key wickets today

40th over: India 109-2 (Gambhir 60, Tendulkar 10)


Monty screams through his six, Tendulkar takes a single and we move on. Seems Monty is bowling from stumps to stumps, hoping for a mistake from the batsman.

41st over: India 117-2 (Gambhir 60, Tendulkar 18)

Two stunning shots from the Little Master cast-off the shackles which England have been attempting to chain around Tendulkar this morning.

A neat clip to fine leg slides under the dive of Monty Panesar and there follows a picture perfect punch low back down the ground on the on side.

WICKET! Gautam Gambhir c Trott b Panesar 60

Monty does the business again! Pitched up, Gambhir tries the cut, but the turn finds the outside edge and Trott makes no mistake at first slip.

42nd over: India 117-3 (Tendulkar 18, Kohli 0)

Bless ya, Monty! And credit to Trott who had to show quick reflexes to grab the ball at the second bite after it initially hit him on the arm.

Wicket maiden.

43rd over: India 118-3 (Tendulkar 18, Kohli 0)

Oooohs and aaaaahs from the England fielders as Finn bumps one in short and Tendulkar gets himself into a bit of a mess.

The ball bounces off his arm and lands harmlessly next to the track.

44th over: India 120-3 (Tendulkar 19, Kohli 1)

A couple of singles for each of the batsmen and that takes us up to drinks.

A decent hour for England who have taken one wicket for 30 runs in the session thus far.

45th over: India 121-3 (Tendulkar 19, Kohli 2)

Anderson's back and he's obviously been watching the action studiously as this over offers far more variation than any of his previous.

A yorker, an in ducker and some full stuff. Just the single from it.

46th over: India 121-3 (Tendulkar 19, Kohli 2)

Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot.

That's a maiden.

47th over: India 128-3 (Tendulkar 26, Kohli 2)

Oh my word! Anderson holds his head, looking anguished after Tendulkar's edge bounces *this far* shy of Swann at second slip.

To add insult to injury, the ball races for four. But England will take heart that the Little Master is willing to play those kinds of shots. Great over from Anderson.
Jumping Jimmy: Anderson has chipped in with a vital wicket

48th over: India 132-3 (Tendulkar 26, Kohli 2)

Oh dear.

Oh deary me. Prior hangs his head after being nutmegged by a straight delivery from Panesar. Four byes.

WICKET! Virat Kohli c Swann b Anderson 6

Edged behind, Swann pouches.

England and in particular, James Anderson, has their just rewards. Great, low take from Swanny at second slip.

49th over: India 136-4 (Tendulkar 26, Singh 0)

This is rapidly becoming an excellent session for England.

On a pitch which is offering little to no support, taking two scalps, with half an hour of the afternoon remaining, they are certainly enjoying the better of the action thus far.

50th over: India 138-4 (Tendulkar 28, Singh 0)

Bowling change: Swann is introduced for just his fourth over of the day.

Sure he'll bowl plenty more as the day goes on.  Two from the over for Tendulkar and we move on.

51st over: India 139-4 (Tendulkar 28, Singh 1)

Huge, huge lbw shout as Singh pads up outside the line.

But the ball strikes in line with off stump, that's go to be out. Surely? But umpire Rod Tucker shakes his head. Not out. The chaps at Sky tell us that he would have been out had the DRS system been a) available and b) called into play.

52nd over: India 147-4 (Tendulkar 28, Singh 9)

Boom, crash, pow!

Singh carves successive strikes through point and via mid-on for a brace of boundaries.

53rd over: India 155-4 (Tendulkar 36, Singh 9)

Credit to Anderson, he's developing some shape on the ball in this spell, going for four an over and taking the key wicket of Kohli.

But he's given the treatment there by Tendulkar who crashes successive boundaries to end the over.

54th over: India 158-4 (Tendulkar 38, Singh 9)

Swann continues into his third over of this spell, Tendulkar pushes a couple via long leg as we enter the final final minutes before the tea break

55th over: India 159-4 (Tendulkar 38, Singh 9)

Bowling change: Steven Finn comes in for Anderson who took something of a shellacking at the end of his last over.

Just a single from it, a no ball, for overstepping.

56th over: India 167-4 (Tendulkar 46, Singh 9)

Hands on hips, I think they call it a teapot, whatever you want to call it, it means Swann is looking very unimpressed after going for eight in that over.

Four go via fine leg, and another four go via third man... a genuine edge. India ending the session on a high after some sticky stuff earlier on.

57th over: India 168-4 (Tendulkar 46, Singh 9)

Penultimate over before tea, Finn goes back to his old tricks and kicks over the stumps with his fourth delivery and there's just a single from the over.

58th over: India 172-4 (Tendulkar 46, Singh 14)

Swann takes the final over before tea, Singh bags a boundary and that's your lot for this session.

Sportsmail's Lawrence Booth in Kolkata writes: 'That was a superb session from England's bowlers - and they deserved better.

It helped that Sachin Tendulkar was fighting a battle against the ravages of time as well as trying to hold India's innings together, but Monty Panesar was remorseless and James Anderson world-class.

'Had Rod Tucker upheld Anderson's more-than-plausible shout leg-before shout when Yuvraj Singh had only one, England would be unquestionably in control.

Instead, the innings feels in the balance, even if Tendulkar's travails have limited it to second gear.

'It was fascinating to watch him at work - fascinating, and slightly voyeuristic.

Here was an all-time great, willed on by an Eden Gardens crowd that grew as his innings progressed, struggling to come to terms with his own decline.

'One back-foot force for four off Steven Finn (which should have been kept to two by Anderson) had some of the old timing.

But otherwise he was reliant on nicks and nudges behind the wicket. More than anything, he was kept out there by sheer competitive instinct.

'The upshot was a sense of control for England.

Panesar completed a superb spell of 21-9-42-2, having persuaded Gautam Gambhir to chop to slip for 60, while Anderson - after removing Virat Kolhi with a smidgen of away-movement - was in his groove.

'This game is boiling up nicely.

And if Tendulkar is still there at stumps, we may have witnessed one of the great acts of willpower on a cricket field.'
59th over: India 182-4 (Tendulkar 56, Singh 14)

As I ponder just how this session is going to pan out, Tendulkar takes the advantage with successive boundaries off the first tow deliveries.

His first squirms backwards of square to bring up his half century - cue bedlam at Eden Gardens. Finn disappears off into the deep, scratching his head after that post-tea rude awakening.

60th over: India 189-4 (Tendulkar 56, Singh 21)

With a hop, skip and jump, Yuvraj dances down the pitch and pumps Panesar back down the pitch for SIX big runs.

Some statement for the Indians in these early exchanges.

61st over: India 189-4 (Tendulkar 57, Singh 22)

Woah there, Monty!
Panesar very nearly makes a complete hash down at third man, finding a wet patch/tiny ice rink under his feet and slips at the vital moment. But he composes himself and manages to pluck the ball out of the air to save a couple of runs.

62nd over: India 189-4 (Tendulkar 57, Singh 22)

Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot.

That's a maiden in old money.

63rd over: India 195-4 (Tendulkar 59, Singh 24)

It's a lesson in concentration from Tendulkar who is thinking long and hard over every shot selection. A steely determination which is moving his score slowly but steadily upwards.

Four singles from the over.

64th over: India 203-4 (Tendulkar 63, Singh 24)

Two boundaries from Monty's over takes India past the 200 mark - the first a bye which clipped the pad, the second a purposeful tap down the leg side.

The hosts have been moving along at 4.4 an over, a fair old lick in the last ten.  

65th over: India 204-4 (Tendulkar 63, Singh 25)

'Oh yes, Swanny boy', comes the cry from behind the stumps.

Matt Prior's excited after Yuvraj shovels one towards Cook at mid-off, but the ball lands short.

66th over: India 205-4 (Tendulkar 63, Singh 25)

Spinners on at both ends now as England look to take advantage of a pitch which has seen some treatment in this first day.

The cracks are there to be exposed, but there's no joy for Monty there. Still, he only concedes the one run.

67th over: India 214-4 (Tendulkar 67, Singh 31)

Yep, this is an excellent session thus far and profitable partnership for India.

It's worth 79  -helped by two crashing boundaries off Swann's bowling. England need to put their foot on this, or it could run away from them in this session.

68th over: India 215-4 (Tendulkar 67, Singh 32)


Monty gives it some flight and dip, Yuvraj and Tendulkar stay back in their crease - just one from the over.
Spin the zone: Swanny has chipped in with a wicket today


Yuvraj Singh c Cook b Swann 32

Big wicket for England, ending a prosperous partnership. But it was a horrible shot from Yuvraj: a feeble dink to Cook at short extra cover.

69th over: India 215-5 (Tendulkar 67, Dhoni 0)

Huge wicket for England, but it came so close to being two as Dhoni's attempted drive landed *this far* short of Patel's grasp at midwicket.

Nervy start from the India captain.

70th over: India 216-5 (Tendulkar 68, Dhoni 0)

Right, no time for England to turn the screw, one more wicket and they're into the tail.

There's a great chance they could (could) bowl the Indians out today. Granted, that insight is coming from an England fan. One from the over.

71st over: India 217-5 (Tendulkar 69, Dhoni 0)

Yep, India have gone right back into their shells here.

The Barmy Army are in fine voice, too. But England are still a wicket or three away from claiming rights on this being 'their' day.

72nd over: India 217-5 (Tendulkar 69, Dhoni 0)

A series of dots, six in total: Maiden.

73rd over: India 223-5 (Tendulkar 69, Dhoni 6)

'Oh Jimmy, Jimmy', chirp the hardy Barmy Army England fans who have made the trip to the subcontinent.

After a few nervy prods and pushes, Dhoni finally finds some cojones as he splashes a back foot drive past to the fence for four.  

74th over: India 230-5 (Tendulkar 69, Dhoni 6)

This topsy-turvy session swings back India's way, courtesy of the Little Master who is displaying a dogged determination to score his 52nd Test century.

Tendulkar times the life out of a picture-perfect cover-drive. And it's time for some drinks.

WICKET! Sachin Tendulkar c Prior b Anderson 76

Big moment.
Great nut from Anderson, pitching on off stump and moving away just enough to entice the drive and Tendulkar duly obliged, edging behind to Prior.

75th over: India 232-6 (Dhoni 7, Ashwin 1)

Great take, low to his left by Prior.

But the joy of taking Tendulkar's wicket has the gloss taken off it after a howler from Steven Finn wastes a golden run-out chance. Ashwin and Dhoni were at the same end for a stage, but Finn fumbled the ball and the moment passed.

76th over: India 236-6 (Dhoni 11, Ashwin 1)

Now, England can't let that moment detract from what was a great over from Anderson. They must just not let Dhoni and/or Ashwin score big runs now.

Dhoni adds four with a crunch through point.

77th over: India 236-6 (Dhoni 11, Ashwin 1)

Anderson continues - a maiden over.
Interestingly, Anderson has now dismissed Tendulkar eight times, equalling Muralitharan's record.
Safe hands: Prior held onto a stunning catch to dismiss Tendulkar

78th over: India 238-6 (Dhoni 12, Ashwin 2)

Will England take the new ball?

The current one is moving around for Anderson so  the general consensus is that they won't take it as soon as possible. India aren't scoring many runs, so I'm inclined to agree. Two runs from Monty's over.

79th over: India 244-6 (Dhoni 12, Ashwin 8)

Credit to the Barmy Army and in particular Billy Cooper, the trumpet player - and that chap who sings falsetto on the Lions Sleeps Tonight.

They're doing their best to entertain the masses in the last dregs of the day. Ashwin crunches four past point from the bowling of Anderson.

80th over: India 244-6 (Dhoni 14, Ashwin 8)

Panesar continues - his 32nd over of the day, no less - India snaffle a couple more, but all eyes now on the umpire.

Will they take the new ball?

81st over: India 249-6 (Dhoni 16, Ashwin 9)

New ball available, but no, England stick with the old cherry which is still doing just about enough.

Finn enters the attack - probably to give it a bit of dip before taking the new nut in four or five overs.

82nd over: India 251-6 (Dhoni 16, Ashwin 11)

Oh, how England would love another wicket or two before the close.

We've seen it plenty of times before, one more wicket would mean England end the day the more pleased of the two sides.

83rd over: India 254-6 (Dhoni 17, Ashwin 12)

The floodlights are on now as the evening encroaches on Kolkata.

Finn keeps it tight, just three singles from the over. I fancy Anderson will be brought back in at the death for a couple of overs with the new ball. Just a hunch, mind.

84th over: India 255-6 (Dhoni 18, Ashwin 12)

Right, last six overs of the day.

Who's got that touch of magic dust to cap a fine day for England? Swann has a go, but there's nowt doing. Just one from the over.

85th over: India 256-6 (Dhoni 19, Ashwin 12)

Finn has been excellent today, despite not taking any wickets (thus far) and exemplifies that point in this over with a tight, straight line - if a little short.

One from the over. Not many left now.


86th over: India 259-6 (Dhoni 20, Ashwin 14)

Swann continues, nowt going on. Time for new ball, surely?

Give the batsmen something new to think about in the final four overs of the day?

87th over: India 264-6 (Dhoni 21, Ashwin 17)

Yes, new cherry is taken and Finn continues his spell with it.

Ashwin clips one off his hips ad Patel saves a boundary bout in the deep... but only after 1,798 replays for the TV umpire. Huff.

88th over: India 264-6 (Dhoni 21, Ashwin 17)

India have shut up shop now.

Six dot balls, that's a maiden for Panesar.

WICKET! Ravichandran Ashwin b Anderson 21

You beauty! Just what England wanted...
and thoroughly deserved. Ashwin plays inside a delivery which lands on middle and off and straightens through the gate.

89th over: India 268-7 (Dhoni 21, Z Khan 0)

Great captaincy from Cook to introduce Jimmy right at the death here, that wicket means today is firmly England's.

90th over: India 273-7 (Dhoni 22, Z Khan 0)

Five men round the bat to the tailender Khan. But there's nowt doing in Panesar - and England's - final over of the day.

That is stumps.


Picture Dispute

We are unable to carry live pictures from the third Test in Kolkata due to a dispute between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and international news organisations.

The BCCI has refused access to Test venues to established picture agencies Getty Images and Action Images and other Indian photographic agencies. MailOnline consider this action to be a strike against press freedom and supports the action to boycott BCCI imagery.

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